Shrikhand Recipe: Eat Tasty Shrikhand on Gudi Padwa, everyone will like the taste, learn simple recipe


Gudi Padwa is considered to be the beginning of the Hindu New Year.
There has been a tradition of making Shrikhand and eating it on Gudi Padwa.

Shrikhand Recipe: The beginning of the Hindu New Year is celebrated with Gudi Padwa. Chaitra Navratri also starts from this day. Shrikhand is specially prepared and eaten for Gudi Padwa. People of all ages like the taste of Shrikhand. The taste of Shrikhand with Poral Poli is very much liked on Gudi Padwa. If you also want to make and eat Shrikhand on Gudi Padwa, then it can be prepared very easily. You can also use dry fruits to make it. Cardamom powder greatly enhances the taste of Shrikhand.

If you have never tried the recipe of Shrikhand at home, then with the help of our mentioned method, you can prepare Tasty Shrikhand very easily. Shrikhand can be served to the guests at home. Let’s know the easy way to make Shrikhand.

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Ingredients to make Shrikhand
Curd – 1 kg
Cardamom powder – 1 tsp
Cashew – 20
Almonds – 10
Pistachios – 5
Saffron – 1/2 tsp
sugar – as per taste

How to make Shrikhand
To make Tasty Shrikhand, first take curd. Now start the process of removing the extra water present in it. First of all, place a strainer on a vessel and spread a muslin cloth over it and pour curd on the cloth. After some time, tie the cloth tightly from all sides so that the curd water gets squeezed out. Now tie the curd bundle on a high place and leave it for 7-8 hours. In this time, all the water will be removed from the curd.

Now put the drained curd in a utensil and beat it well for 3-4 minutes. After this add sugar, cardamom powder and saffron threads to the curd as per taste. Mix all the ingredients well. After this, whisk the Shrikhand until the curd lumps are gone. It will take 20-25 minutes to beat well. After this, cut cashews, almonds and pistachios and put them in Shrikhand.

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If color is not mixed in Shrikhand, then its color remains white. If you want to give saffron color to Shrikhand, then add sweet yellow color to it and whisk it well for 1-2 minutes. Tasty Shrikhand is ready. If you want to eat cold shrikhand, then keep the utensil of shrikhand in the fridge for 1 hour. Before serving, put dry fruits karatan on top of Shrikhand and serve.

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