Signs of Love: You are intoxicated with love, these are its 7 ‘symptoms’


People who are in love spend, on average, more than 85 percent of their time thinking only about that person.
When you are in love, you find your boyfriend/girlfriend to be the best and special person in this world.

Signs of you are in love: It is said that everyone has love, love and affection at some point in their life. Then whether it is love at first sight or attachment, attraction towards someone. Be it love, when it happens, you are bound to be lost in thoughts of it all day long. Some work is done, but the attention remains towards that one person. Waking up, just remembering her words, being engrossed in her thoughts, not being able to get her out of your mind even for a moment. These are the signs of love.

According to a news published in, the brain of people who truly love is very different from the person who only experiences Lust towards someone. According to Helen Fisher, an anthropologist at Rutgers University, studies on the biological basis of love have shown that when your brain is in the love phase, it is the best and most unique time. Let’s know about the 7 signs of being in love here.

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treat that person as special
When you are in love, you start thinking that your boyfriend/girlfriend is the best, unique and special in this world. According to an article published in 2017 in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, this happens because dopamine levels are too high. Dopamine is a chemical, which is responsible for attention and focus in the brain.

think positive
People who are really in love with someone, they ignore the negative traits of their beloved. Only good and positive things are visible in them. If you meet some things of the partner, then the chances of success of the relationship increase. So if you also think only positive things about someone and ignore the flaws, then you are in love with him, there is no doubt about it.

emotional instability
When people are in love, they become very emotional. Physical instability comes inside them. The gestures seem to have changed a lot. People in love look very excited. Physical energy increases. Sleepless nights fly away. Hunger and thirst all disappear. They are torn between rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing, anxiety, panic and feelings of hopelessness. According to Helen Fisher, being in love is a form of addiction or drug addiction and when someone snatches this addiction from you, they start experiencing despair, frustration.

being more attracted to someone
According to Fischer’s research, when one starts liking a person very much, then the romantic attraction towards him also becomes intense. Dopamine may also be responsible for this response. If you also have a lot of attraction towards someone, then you can be in love.

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constantly thinking of someone
According to Fisher, people who are in love spend, on average, more than 85 percent of their time thinking about that person. It can also be called a passion. This type of obsessive behavior towards someone can also be due to a decrease in the level of central serotonin in the brain. According to research, men and women who were in love were found to think about their love almost 65 percent of the time throughout the day.

have a sense of empathy
People who are in love usually feel a sense of sympathy towards their beloved. In such a situation, they start feeling that person’s pain thinking it as their own. They are ready to sacrifice anything for that person. This is a sign of mutual love.

planning for the future
When you love someone with all your heart, then you also start planning to take your relationship with him further. Such feelings are seen in true love. With whom you live, move around, see your future with him. Start planning for the future. Emotional attachment to someone you love, finding ways to be close to them, and dreaming about the future are also signs of being in love with someone.

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