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Singh Sankranti 2022: Singh Sankranti tomorrow, know the Muhurta and worship method of Sun God

Singh Sankranti 2022: Singh Sankranti is on 17th August 2022. When Sun enters any zodiac, then that day is called Sankranti of Rashi. According to astrology, the Sun God, the king of the nine planets, changes the zodiac in a month. On Singh Sankranti, Sun God, Sri Hari Vishnu and Lord Narasimha are worshipped. The rainy season remains at its peak all around in Bhadon. Due to greenery, animals get green fodder in abundance, eating cow’s ghee on Singh Sankranti has special significance. It is believed that eating ghee especially on this day leads to an increase in mental and physical development. It is very beneficial in terms of health. Let’s know the auspicious time of Singh Sankranti and the method of Sun worship.

Singh Sankranti 2022 Muhurat

In Hinduism, the only Sun God is considered to be the real God. Worshiping the Sun God on Sankranti gives the boon of health. The Punya Kaal of Bhadrapada Singh Sankranti will start on August 17 at 12:15 in the afternoon. On this day, the Sun will come out of Cancer and enter its own sign in Leo. On Singh Sankranti, by donating bath and offering Arghya to Sun God, one attains renewable virtue.

Singh Sankranti Puja Vidhi

  • There is a tradition of bathing in the holy river on Singh Sankranti, but due to the rain, the river remains in spate on every side, so take a bath before sunrise by mixing the water of the rivers at home.
  • On this day, there is a tradition of offering arghn to the rising sun, but if the sun is not visible due to the rainy season, then face the east and meditate on the sun god and then offer water.
  • Wearing red colored clothes and offering water to the Sun is auspicious. To offer Arghya to the sun, fill a copper pot with water and put red flowers, red sandalwood, some wheat grains in it.
  • Now while chanting the mantra Om Aditya, make a stream of water and offer Arghya to the Sun God.
  • Do circumambulation at your own place thrice by applying incense, lamp. Then touch the feet of the earth and chant the mantra Om Suryay Namah. It is believed that this removes all the troubles of the body. Along with this, the blessings of the Navagrahas are also received.
  • After worshiping the Sun God, worship Lord Vishnu and Lord Narasimha. Offering Tulsi leaves in the worship of Lord Vishnu on Singh Sankranti is considered highly fruitful.

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