Smart tires prepared for EV, will give better range, air will not come out

New Delhi. Every day new innovations are happening in the automobile sector. The dominance of electric vehicles is increasing in the auto industry. In such a situation, companies are working to make these vehicles more advanced. To increase the range of EV, new experiments are being done continuously to increase the capacity of the battery pack and reduce the electric loss. Now a special innovation has been done in this episode which will soon hit the market. Now smart tires have been manufactured for electric vehicles. This tire is manufactured by JK Tire Company.

The special thing about these smart tires will be that they will reduce the friction significantly compared to normal tires and will give a good range to electric vehicles in a single charge. Also, the company claims that the air in these tires will not come out even if punctured.

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This is how the range will increase
According to the company, weight is the biggest factor in reducing the range of an EV. The maximum weight in an electric vehicle is of the battery. In such a situation, friction increases due to weight. It is even higher in regular tyres. But the smart tires have been made in such a way that they can easily withstand more weight and their friction will also be very less. Which will increase the range of EV to a great extent.

every detail on mobile
Replacing smart tires with normal tires will cost Rs 3,000 more. These tires are fitted with sensors. With its help, you will be able to get information about tire pressure, temperature and puncture on your mobile. For this, there will be a special app which will give you complete information about the tyre. These tires have been designed differently for each size and segment. According to the company, it will prove to be a game changer in the times to come.

The life of these tires will also be longer than the normal tyres. Because the friction of these tires will be less, therefore they will wear less as compared to other tyres, in such a situation these tires will give more mileage. Although these will be costlier than the normal tires and the company has not yet disclosed their price, but soon they will be available in the market.

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