Solar panels will be installed for free on the roof, the company will maintain for 15 years, take advantage of the wonderful scheme soon


At least 5 kW solar system will be installed free of cost.
Applications for this scheme can be made till 31 March.
The responsibility of maintenance will also be of the solar installation company.

New Delhi. The summer season has started. The need for electricity is more in this season. Due to high consumption, the electricity bill also comes high. But, if you are living in Chandigarh, your electricity bill can be reduced to half. In the Union Territory of Chandigarh, the administration is installing free solar panels on the roofs of people’s houses for free. The electricity that will be generated from the solar panels, the government will charge only half of the electricity bill. Not only this, the company will also take care of the maintenance of solar panels for 15 years. To take advantage of this scheme, online application can be made till 31 March.

Chandigarh Renewable Energy Science and Technology Promotion Society (CREST) ​​is engaged in popularizing the free solar panel scheme. In this series, CREST organized a program in association with Chandigarh Administration and Yuvsatta NGO at Government Museum and Art Gallery. About 50 office bearers of Resident Welfare Societies participated in this event.

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You can apply till 31 March
Debendra Dalai, CEO of CREST said that Chandigarh administration aims to generate maximum electricity from solar energy. He said that at least 5 kW solar system will be installed free of cost. For this, online applications can be made till 31 March. Significantly, solar panels have been installed on the roofs of all government buildings in Chandigarh.

Company will install solar panels
Under this scheme, the company will install solar panels. Those who install solar panels on their roof will not have to pay any money. The Chandigarh Administration will transfer the subsidy money to the company’s account.

Electricity rate will be halved
Solar panel will start power supply in the house. For electricity produced from solar, the landlord will have to pay only Rs 3.50 per unit. One unit of normal electricity is now available for Rs.5 to 6.

The landlord will not have to pay the electricity bill received from the solar panel for the whole life. After a few years, when the money invested by the company is completed, then the solar panels will belong to the landlord and he will be able to use them for free.

The company will do maintenance for 15 years
The company which will install panels on the roof will also take care of it for the next 15 years. Only those people can take advantage of this scheme, who will install a solar system of 5 or more kilowatt capacity on their roof. Applications for this can be made online.

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