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Special Day: Tomorrow is a very special day, three very auspicious coincidences are being made, these zodiac signs can be

18 October 2022 Shubh Muhurat: According to the Hindu calendar, October 18 is a Tuesday. On this day not one but many such auspicious coincidences are being made, after many years, Pushya Nakshatra and Siddha Yoga are going to be formed on Tuesday on the Ashtami date of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month. Tuesday is going to be a very special day for some zodiac signs.

Panchang 18 October 2022
According to the Panchang, October 18 will be the date of Ashtami, which will remain till 12 noon. Along with this, Pushya Nakshatra will remain till full night on this day. In the scriptures, Pushya Nakshatra has been described as the emperor of all constellations. Siddha Yoga will remain till 4.51 pm on Tuesday.

Moon in Cancer (Moon in Kark Rashi)
On Tuesday, the transit of Moon is made in Cancer. According to astrology, Moon is considered to be the lord of Cancer zodiac. Moon is considered to be the factor of mind. When a planet is in its own sign, it gives results like a Raja Yoga. Tuesday is going to be a special day for Cancer people.

Transit of Venus in Libra (Venus Transit in Libra 2022)
The most important zodiac change is happening this month on 18th October. On this day, the planet Venus is transiting in Libra. According to astrology, Venus is considered to be the lord of Libra zodiac. Venus is related to happiness and prosperity. It is also considered as a factor of enjoyment. It is also a factor of love and romance. Venus is coming to its own house on this day. The arrival of Venus in Libra is going to provide auspicious results. The people of Libra zodiac can also make money. On this day, the combination of three planets will be seen in Libra. Here the sin planet Ketu, the king of planets Sun and Venus are going to sit together.

Auspicious position of planets is formed in Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces
According to the Panchang, on Tuesday, October 18, the lord of Virgo, Mercury, the lord of Capricorn, and the lord of Pisces, will remain in their own zodiac. Such a coincidence is being seen after many years. According to astrology, Mercury is considered to be the lord of Virgo, Saturn is the lord of Capricorn and Jupiter is the lord of Pisces. Therefore, Tuesday is going to be a special day for these zodiac signs as well.

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