Startup working on the problem of farting and burping of cows, Bill Gates invested money

New Delhi. Bill Gates, the founder of the legendary IT company Microsoft and one of the world’s top tycoons, has invested in an Australian startup company. This company is making technology to reduce methane emissions in cow burps. According to a report, due to the belching of a cow, 80 to 120 kg of methane gas is released in a year. This is the same as the carbon emissions of a family car driven for a year.

Bill Gates has invested in Australian climate technology start up company Rumin8. Rumin 8 is planning to reduce the emission of methane gas coming out of cow burp.

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raised $12 million
According to the report, Bill Gates’ firm Breakthrough Energy Ventures has raised $12 million with participation from Harvester Road Group. Gates formed Breakthrough Energy Ventures in 2015. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and China’s Jack Ma also have investments in this investment firm.

Rumin8 working on red seaweed
Methane is the most common greenhouse gas after carbon dioxide. Methane gas comes out from the belching of cow, goat and deer. These animals eat grass and when it is digested in their stomach, it releases methane gas. Gates has expressed concern many times over the damage caused to the environment by meat production. It has been proved in many researches that by feeding seaweed to cows, methane emissions can be reduced. Perth’s startup company Rumin8 is working on red seaweed in a synthetic way.

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New Zealand had proposed to impose tax
David Messina, managing director of Rumin8, said that there is a need to reduce methane emissions to save the environment. In October last year, New Zealand proposed a tax on greenhouse gases emitted from pet belching and urination to deal with the problem of climate change. This scheme will be implemented from 2025. Agriculture accounts for about half of the total emissions of greenhouse gases in the country. In 2019, the level of methane in the atmosphere had reached a record level.

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