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Stock Market: After 6 days, the trend of decline will break today, investors will keep an eye on these stocks


There has also been an increase in the US market today.
European stock markets also traded in the green today.
Most of the stock markets of Asia have opened with gains today.

Mumbai. The Indian stock market saw a decline in the last 6 sessions. However, today the stock market may break the trend of decline today. Due to the visible growth in the global market, the Indian market can also be seen positive today. The impact of this positive sentiment will also be seen on domestic investors. The stock market closed down for the third consecutive day on Wednesday.

The BSE Sensex has fallen to 56598.28 in the last 6 days. Due to this the market cap of companies listed on BSE has come down from Rs 28,134,219 crore to Rs 26,859,546 crore. At the same time, Nifty has fallen to the level of 16858.60. During this period, the investors of the market have suffered a loss of about Rs 12.74 lakh crore.

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US market condition
The fear of inflation and recession seen on all the major stock markets of America has reduced today. After the decline for the last few days, today the market was seen in the green mark. Today the S&P 500 rose 1.97 percent to 3,719.04 points, the highest level of the week. Here, today NASDAQ has also shown a jump of 2.05 percent.

European markets gain
European stock markets also traded in the green today. All the major stock markets are showing gains. Germany’s stock exchange, which is included in Europe’s major stock market, closed with a gain of 0.36 percent in the last trading session, while the French stock market gained 0.19 percent and London’s stock exchange closed with a gain of 0.30 percent.

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Asian market seen in green
Most of the stock markets of Asia are open today with an edge and are trading on the green mark. The Singapore Stock Exchange is seeing a gain of 0.98 percent this morning, while Japan’s Nikkei is trading at a gain of 0.88 percent. Taiwan’s stock market is also trading with a gain of 1.01 percent, while South Korea’s Kospi is showing a gain of 1.73 percent.

Will keep an eye on these stocks today
The pressure on the market seems to be easing today. In such a situation, there are many such stocks, where investors can earn by placing bets. Such stocks are called high delivery percentage stocks. Companies like Pidilite Industries, PI Industries, Axis Bank, REC and HCL Technologies are included in high delivery percentage stocks in today’s business.

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