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Stock Market: Market will make profits even under pressure, know which stocks investors should bet on today?


In the last trading session, the Sensex closed at 59,544, down 288 points.
Nifty has lost 75 points to reach the level of 17,656.
Foreign institutional investors pulled out Rs 247.01 crore from the market.

New Delhi. The Indian stock market can perform strongly even under the pressure of the global market on Thursday morning. The last trading session was bad and the Sensex was down by about 300 points, but it is expected to be compensated in today’s trading. Before the fall of the previous session, the stock market had shown a jump for 7 consecutive sessions.

In the last trading session, the Sensex closed 288 points down at 59,544, while the Nifty lost 75 points to 17,656. Experts say that the US stock market has seen a decline during the last trading session, but European markets closed on the edge. Its effect will be seen on all the stock markets of Asia including India. Today the sentiment of Indian investors can also be affected. However, despite this pressure, experts say that today investors will buy and the market will continue to rise.

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Big fall in US market
Investors are worried about the recession in America. This is the reason why there was a lot of selling in the last session, due to which the market has come down from the top level of 5 weeks. Dow Jones, one of America’s major stock markets, made a slight gain of 0.01 percent in the last session, while the S&P 500 has seen a decline of 0.74 percent. Apart from this, Nasdaq has also broken 2.04 percent in the last trading session.

European market on green mark
While selling dominated in the US during the last trading session, most of the stock markets in Europe made gains. Germany’s stock exchange, which is included in Europe’s major stock exchanges, closed at 1.09 per cent in the last trading session, while the French stock market closed at 0.41 per cent, while the London Stock Exchange also gained 0.61 per cent.

Asian markets also rose
Most of the stock markets of Asia opened on the rise this morning and are trading on the green mark. Singapore Stock Exchange has gained 0.57 percent, while Japan’s Nikkei is trading at a loss of 0.05 percent. Taiwan’s stock market is on the rise of 1.29 percent, while South Korea’s Cospi is trading at a jump of 1.41 percent.

Investors bet on these stocks
Experts say that in today’s trading there are some such stocks which have been kept in the category of high delivery percentage. These stocks include companies like Gujarat State Petronet, PI Industries, HDFC, Infosys and Bata. Investors can earn better profits today by betting on these stocks.

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Foreign investors sold shares
Foreign investors have once again started selling in the market. In the last trading session, foreign institutional investors pulled out Rs 247.01 crore from the market, while domestic institutional investors sold shares worth Rs 872.88 crore during the same period.

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