Stock Market: The stock market is expected to rise even today, Sensex may cross 59 thousand


In the last trading session, the Sensex closed at 58,411 with a gain of 491 points.
Nifty had reached the level of 17,312 with a gain of 126 points.
Foreign institutional investors pulled out money from the market by selling shares worth 372.03 crores.

New Delhi. The Indian stock market is seeing an increase for the second consecutive day on Tuesday. The effect of positive sentiment from the global market will be visible on domestic investors today and they can insist on buying from the beginning. The market showed the first jump even a day ago, while initially it was looking under pressure.

In the last trading session, the Sensex closed at 58,411 with a gain of 491 points, while the Nifty gained 126 points to reach 17,312. Experts say that the same positive sentiment of investors is expected to remain in today’s business as well. Most of the stock markets in Asia including America, Europe are also looking bright, due to which Indian investors are also excited today and the Sensex can once again cross the 59 thousand mark.

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boom in america
The US stock markets were running under a lot of pressure till last week and the burden of inflation and signs of raising interest rates from the Fed Reserve was clearly visible, but now investors have turned back to Dalal Street and last session I did a lot of shopping. Due to this, there was a big gain of 3.43 percent on NASDAQ, which is included in the major stock markets of America.

European markets also up
On the lines of America, the stock markets of Europe also saw a tremendous rise during the last trading session. After Europe’s decision to tax gas was withdrawn, investor confidence returned there. Due to this, Germany’s stock exchange closed with a gain of 1.70 percent in major stock markets, while the French stock market could make a rise of 1.83 percent. Apart from this, a jump of 0.90 percent was also seen on the London Stock Exchange.

Asian market on green mark
Most of the stock markets of Asia opened on the rise this morning and are trading on the green mark. This morning on the Singapore Stock Exchange, a gain of 0.71 per cent was seen, while Japan’s Nikkei was trading at a gain of 0.64 per cent. Apart from this, there is a jump of 1.11 percent in the stock market of Taiwan, while the market of South Korea is trading at a gain of 0.48 percent.

Bet here today investors
There is a bullish environment in the market and investors have been on the side of big profits before Diwali, so there are many such stocks in today’s business, which can make your day. According to experts, today the stocks with high delivery percentage include shares of companies like Atul, Whirlpool, Ipca Laboratories, Nestle India and ICICI Lombard General Insurance.

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Foreign investors continue to sell
The process of foreign investors’ withdrawal from the Indian capital market in October is continuing. In the last trading session too, foreign institutional investors pulled out money from the market by selling shares worth Rs 372.03 crore. However, during this period, domestic institutional investors bought shares worth 1,582.24 crore and this was the reason why the market closed with a big recovery in the beginning.

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