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Stock Return- This stock gave bumper return, made ₹ 10.74 crore of investors’ ₹ 1 lakh


In less than two years, it got more than 100 percent return to its shareholders.
The stock has given 30 per cent return to its shareholders in the last six months.
The price of this share increased from around ₹450 to ₹994 level by February 2022.

New Delhi. Rajesh Exports shares are one of the money making stocks for its long term shareholders. This is one of the multibagger stocks that the Indian stock market has given in recent years. The share price of Rajesh Exports rose from around ₹450 to ₹994 levels by February 2022, post-Covid, giving more than 100 percent returns to its shareholders in less than two years.

The stock booked profits after hitting a 52-week high on the NSE. Still, in the last six months, this stock has given a return of 30 percent to its shareholders. However, in a long term investment the stock has risen from ₹2.10 to ₹752, which has increased by 358 times in a span of nearly two decades.

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Rajesh Exports Bonus Share History
In these 21 years, the stock has given a bonus share which has benefited the long term investor in a big way. In January 2008, Rajesh Exports traded ex-bonus stock and issued bonus shares in the ratio of 2:1. Therefore, for those who bought this stock in early 2001, their stake in the shares increased to three times the original number of shares they had purchased.

impact on investment
If an investor had bought shares of Rs 1 lakh in Rajesh Exports shares in July 2001 at the rate of Rs 2.10, he would have got approximately 47,619 shares of the company. In 2008, Rajesh Exports issued bonus shares in the ratio of 2:1 which means that one’s shareholding changed to 1,42,857 shares of the company. The share price of Rajesh Exports today is around ₹ 752. That is, 21 earlier if someone had invested ₹ 1 lakh in this stock, then his 1 lakh would have become ₹ 10.74 crore today.

Rajesh Exports News
This multibagger stock is in the news these days for foraying into advanced technology solutions with a focus on energy storage solutions. The company has been selected by the Government of India as one of the three successful participants in the ₹18,100 crore PLI scheme for the production of advanced chemical cells. The other two selected companies are Reliance Industries and Ola Electric. As per the requirement of the PLI scheme, REL has incorporated a 100% subsidiary in the name of ACC Energy Storage Pvt Ltd. The venture to manufacture advanced chemical cells will be under the newly formed 100 percent subsidiary.

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