Street Food: Burger Pakora is available here in Bokaro, tastes unique with sweet and spicy chutney

Kailash Kumar / Bokaro. Special burger pakoda is made at Mahesh ji’s cart at Chas Bansidih turn. The cost of which is only 10 rupees. It is very popular among the people for its crisp taste. Here you will get to see a good crowd of customers at the cart late in the evening.

Thela operator Mahesh ji told News18 Local that he has been making and selling burger pakoras for 10 years. Everyday from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm, they set up their shop. Apart from burgers, the shop also sells potato chops, samosas and eggs. The cost of all these items is Rs.8 per piece. People come to taste them with great enthusiasm.

Regarding the process of making burger, Mahesh told that first of all, to prepare salad, onion-cucumber has to be bought from the market. Then potatoes are boiled for the stuffing of burgers, stuffed with turmeric and different spices and fried.

Then the burger bun is cut from the middle and potato stuffing is done, then the burger is wrapped in the prepared batter of gram flour and left in hot oil, after the burger is ready, it is taken out and cut in the middle. Then it is served to the customers with onion, cucumber and sweet and spicy chutney.

Mahesh told that 80 to 100 pieces of burger pakoras are sold daily at his shop. Their aim is for people to enjoy great tasting burgers at affordable prices. On the other hand, the customer Piyush who came to eat burger pakora told that the taste of burger is very good. You get to eat burgers here at a lower price as compared to other places. Its taste is also very good.

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