Street food: Saffron lassi is served here in Kulhad in Deoghar, mood and mind become fresh

Paramjit Kumar

Deoghar, If you come to worship at Baba Baidyanathdham in Deoghar, Jharkhand and do not drink Raju Verma’s lassi here, then your Deoghar journey remains incomplete. Just outside the temple is Raju’s shop where saffron lassi is served in Kulhad. People who come to Deoghar to worship in summer definitely drink Raju’s lassi. Apart from this, the local people are also crazy about their lassi.

The lassi available in Raju’s shop is full of taste. Along with this, it also gives coolness to the stomach. Shopkeeper Raju Verma says that his shop remains open throughout the year. But, as the mercury starts rising in the summer, the crowd keeps on increasing. His shop is very old in Deoghar. Devotees who come to worship here from other states including Bihar, UP, Rajasthan come to drink lassi at Raju Verma’s shop.

How much curd is required to make lassi?

Raju Verma told News18 Local that there is a demand for lassi throughout the year. But, when the heat increases, the daily consumption increases. He consumes 20 kg of curd daily. When the heat increases, even 30 kg of curd is consumed. Saffron is also mixed in their lassi. Lassi is served in Kulhad. Apart from being good in appearance, it is also wonderful in taste.

If you also want to taste Raju’s lassi, then you will have to walk 10 minutes from Baidyanath Temple in Deoghar to reach the big market of Azad Chowk. Here, according to the size of the kulhad, the price of lassi starts from Rs.40 to Rs.120.

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