Street Food: Thick and smooth lassi is available here in Jehanabad, mood and mind will be fresh

Harshit Kumar

Jehanabad, In the month of March itself, severe heat has started in Bihar. In such a situation, everyone is making arrangements to keep themselves cool and fresh. In summer, people come to Shri Mahadev Lassi Bhandar located at Arwal Mod in Jehanabad district to drink fresh and sweet lassi. Here lassi is not prepared by any machine, but by the old method. Although people like to drink cold drinks to get relief from the heat, but there is a huge crowd of lassi drinkers at this shop. It is also very beneficial in terms of health.

Shop owner Vikas Kumar says that he makes lassi by adding ingredients like fresh curd, cream, butter, khova and rabri etc. A big glass of lassi costs Rs.30. Whereas, the small glass of lassi costs Rs.25. Vikas told that this shop is 20 years old. Earlier my father used to run this shop and now he himself is running it. Apart from lassi, Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla and Khurma are also famous here.

Every day 10 pans of curd gets finished.

The owner of Shri Mahadev Lassi Bhandar told that Gulab Jamun is sold at Rs.250 per kg. Whereas, Rasgulla is sold for Rs.300 a kg and Khurma for Rs.400 a kg. Vikas Kumar told that there is a lot of crowd here during the summer. Nothing is saved from the amount of stuff that is made in a day. They store up to 10 pots of curd in a day, but by eight o’clock in the evening it all gets over. More than a thousand customers come to his shop every day.

Mind becomes fresh by drinking delicious lassi

A customer who came to drink lassi told that the taste of lassi here is very good. This is the reason why he has been coming here for four years to drink lassi. It is very beneficial in summer. Drinking lassi keeps the mind fresh. The lassi found here is made of curd, butter, cream and khova. At the same time, a female customer tells that the taste of lassi of this shop is very good. She has been coming here for almost 15 years to drink lassi during summer. Earlier a glass of lassi was available for Rs 10 and 15, but now it has become Rs 25 and 30. The price of lassi has definitely increased, but the same quality is still intact.

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