Stubble Management: There will be no need to burn stubble, if farmers use it like this, then there is a deal of earning.

New Delhi. Now that time of the year is going on when most of the farmers in North India are harvesting rabi crops. Most of the farmers burn the straw left after harvesting crops like wheat, paddy etc. This pollutes the air of many states and even breathing becomes difficult in the capital Delhi. In view of this, the Supreme Court has banned the burning of stubble.

In such a situation, many experiments are being done on stubble, in which there has been a lot of success. Here we are going to tell some such methods to the farmers, by which the problem of stubble will not only end, but also you will get a lot of money in return. Let us know what you can do with the stubble.

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Make organic fertilizer from straw
If you also have the problem of disposal of straw, then you can prepare organic manure from it. To make fertilizer from straw, you first have to melt it in a pit. You can cover it by putting earthworms in the composting unit. Fertilizer will be prepared from this in a few days. You can use this manure in your farm or you can earn money by selling it to someone else if it is not needed.

make straw from straw
If there is straw left after harvesting paddy in your field, then the best and easiest way is to make husk of the straw. For this, you can prepare straw with the help of threshing machine. You can use it along with fodder to feed animals. At the same time, you can also sell it at the rate of Rs.600 per quintal. With this, you will not have to burn the stubble and by selling the husk, you will also get a considerable income.

Sell ​​stubble by making bales
If you do farming on a large scale and get paddy harvested with a combine machine, then you can make straw bales. Let us tell you that straw bales are made through balers, which have a good demand in the market. The straw is used in brick kilns to fire bricks and in the paper industry it is used to generate electricity. In this way you can earn money even by selling the stubble directly.

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