Success Story: A young man became a millionaire by Kadaknath’s ‘Kripa’, earning 6 lakhs in a year

Report: Anuj Gautam

Sea: During the Corona period, a 20-year-old youth sitting at home started the work of selling Kadaknath chickens. Gradually his work started increasing. Today he has started earning 50 thousand rupees a month. Right now he has a poultry farm, but due to lack of space for chickens in it, he is preparing to open another farm.

Let us tell you that chickens are being bought and sold by Neeraj Patel of Semra Bagh, located about 8 km from the Sagar headquarters of Bundelkhand. Regarding his business, Neeraj tells that he started it by bringing 50 pieces from Jhabua. In the very beginning, he started saving 300 to 400 rupees on one Kadaknath. Gradually, as people came to know about it, their demand increased.

orders coming online
Today he has started selling around 1000 chickens in 1 month. Apart from Kadaknath, other breeds of chickens including Desi Original Sonali are also available in his farm. Also, a chick is available for 60 rupees, but it grows up and is sold for 600 to 800 rupees. Told that now the supply of chickens and chickens has started happening far and wide. Online orders also come to him through social media.

home delivery also
Home delivery facility is also available through Neeraj. At the same time, the indigenous eggs of these chickens also go at a very good rate. Right now he is operating it from Babuji Kadaknath Poultry Farm. Due to the work started by the young man 3 years ago, he is getting rich today.

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