Sugar level will not be high, just do 6 things before sleeping, it will be easy to manage incurable disease

Ways to manage Diabetes: The way people are falling prey to diabetes nowadays, it would not be wrong to say that diabetes is becoming a serious problem today. Managing diabetes often becomes very difficult for many people. To manage diabetes, you have to pay constant attention to things like diet and exercise, taking medicines at the right time, adopting healthy eating habits, only then you can keep the blood sugar level under control. Often some people do not sleep properly at night due to diabetes. However, if you do some things before sleeping at night, you can manage this incurable disease to a great extent.

According to, sleep is important for everyone, especially if you have diabetes. Lack of sleep can increase insulin resistance. Can affect your mood and appetite. Sleep may be affected in some people due to diabetes. Blood sugar can drop or rise overnight, disrupting your sleep. There are things you can do before bed to help keep blood sugar levels stable throughout the night. If you follow some routine before going to bed every day, not only can you keep the sugar level under control in diabetes, but it will also help you sleep better. With this, the symptoms of diabetes can also be managed easily.

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To control sugar level, do this work before sleeping at night

Make sure to check your sugar level before sleeping at night. To manage diabetes, it is very important to keep checking the sugar level. Often people keep checking their sugar level throughout the day. Adopt this habit in the morning, evening, before eating, after eating, but also before sleeping at night. Sugar level should be in the 88-80 mg/dL range at the time of sleeping at night.

According to a research, if you take a short walk before sleeping, it can help in maintaining the normal blood sugar level in the body. Physical activity makes the body more insulin sensitive. In such a situation, you must go for a walk every night, even for 15 minutes before sleeping.

– Improve the environment of your room to sleep well and deeply. The room should be quiet, there should be no light and a comfortable bed. Noise also disturbs sleep at night, in this case keep the mobile out of the room or keep it in the drawer. Decrease the ringtone of the mobile. The body produces the hormone melatonin, which helps in sleeping. The production of melatonin decreases due to light in the room. If you sleep in more light, the less melatonin will be produced. This will disturb your sleep throughout the night.

Avoid consuming caffeinated coffee, some tea, chocolate, soda etc before sleeping at night. Caffeinated foods and drinks can disturb your sleep and keep you awake throughout the night. People who have diabetes, they should also avoid consuming alcohol at night. This can increase or decrease the blood sugar level. Even if you drink, it is better to check your sugar level regularly to know how alcohol affects blood sugar level.

Diabetes patients should take more care of their teeth and gums. People suffering from type 2 diabetes must brush and floss their teeth before sleeping at night, as they are more prone to gum diseases and cavities.

Blood sugar level can also be affected by anxiety, stress. Proper sleep at night is necessary to reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety. With this, mental health will also remain healthy.

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