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Sun God will make the most inauspicious yoga with Rahu by transiting in Virgo, know who will benefit

Surya rashi parivartan 2022, Surya Gochar: In astrology, the planet Sun is considered to be the causative planet of power, respect, father, high position, authority. Sun changes the zodiac after every one month. The Sun will move out of Swarashi Leo and enter the sign of Mercury in Virgo on Saturday, September 17, 2022, at 7.11 am. Sun will remain in Virgo sign for one month. After that, on October 17, it will transit in Libra.

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According to the almanac, when the Sun transits the sign of Mercury in Virgo, it will form a very dangerous yoga Shadashtak Yoga with Rahu sitting in Aries. In astrology, Shadashtak Yoga is calculated in the most inauspicious yogas formed by the combination of two planets. Due to this relationship between Rahu and Sun, the death of a big personality or leader in a country can happen. There may be a major natural disaster. There may be a possibility of tension between many countries at the international level.

Inauspicious Total octave Total From These zodiac signs To Will happen Benefit

Sheep Zodiac, With the effect of Sun transit, all your work will be completed. Health will improve. Students who are preparing for competitive exam. This transit of Sun in Virgo will bring favorable time for them.

Cancer Zodiac, The effect of Sun transit in Virgo will have a positive effect on your health. This will keep your health fine. Your physical and mental problems will end. You will get success in every work in the field of career. There will be full support of colleagues and high officials in the office.

Scorpio Zodiac, Sun will transit in 11th house from your zodiac on 17th September. This will improve your financial condition. Financial problems will be solved. Your income will increase. The sources of income will also increase. There is a strong possibility of making good money from this. There will be peace and harmony in family life. The environment around you will be pleasant and peaceful.

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