Sun transit on February 13, luck of 3 zodiac signs will shine, sum of government job, promotion and business profit

Sun, the king of the planets, is about to change its zodiac sign on 13th February. On February 13, at 09.57 am, Sun will transit in Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of Shani Dev and he is also in Aquarius. From that day Sun and Saturn’s alliance will be formed in Kumbh. The time when the Sun will enter the Aquarius sign, at that time the Sun’s Kumbh Sankranti will take place. Astrologer of Kashi Chakrapani Bhatt It is said that the Sun God will remain in Aquarius from February 13 till the morning of March 15. On March 15, at 06.47 am, the Sun will leave Aquarius and enter Pisces. Transit of Sun in Aquarius will affect all 12. But the people of three zodiac signs Taurus, Virgo and Sagittarius will get big benefits. His fortune will shine like the sun.

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Taurus: The transit of Sun can be a life-changing experience for the natives of Taurus. Your luck will prevail, due to which you can get a new house. You can buy a new house or flat for your family.

Time is also favorable for those who were looking for a job for a long time or wanted to get a new job opportunity. Your wish will come true. There is a possibility of increase in your fame and fortune. Those people who are involved in business, there are indications of big profits between February 13 and March 15.

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Virgo: The prowess of the natives of Virgo would have increased due to the change of sun’s zodiac sign. You will dominate your own enemies and opponents. You can also give a befitting reply to them. Employed people will also benefit from the influence of the Sun. You will get pleasant results of your hard work and there can be an increase in your status.

Those who have import-export work from other countries, they are also likely to get benefits. Your network will be strong, which will benefit in future.

Sagittarius: The transit of Sun in Aquarius will strengthen the fortunes of Sagittarius natives. Luck will be kind to you. Whatever important work you do between February 13 and March 15, you will get success in it. Chances of a government job are also being made for you. Prepare with all your hard work. You can get good news. Time is becoming favorable.

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Offer water to the Sun God every day after taking a bath. The effect of the Sun will increase, which can give pleasant results. Those who want to start their new business or any business, they should take suggestions from their father. With their help you will be successful.

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