Swelling rots the stomach from inside, know the reason and solve it immediately, here is the home remedy

Cause And Symptoms Of Abdominal Swelling: When there is swelling in the stomach, then the stomach becomes bigger than normal. Sometimes this makes the shape of the stomach look very bad. Swollen stomach also creates uncomfortable conditions. However, it can also cause severe pain in the stomach. Stomach swells in this. Stomach always feels tight. There can be many reasons for swelling in the stomach. Eating too much and pregnancy can also cause swelling in the stomach.

Gas is the most common cause of bloating in the stomach. If the problem of gas is more in the stomach, then the stomach starts bloating and due to this gradually the problem of swelling in the stomach starts. When people eat more and it contains more fiber. It produces a lot of gas. It is important to know its cause and symptoms.

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causes of abdominal swelling

1. Irritable bowel syndrome According to the news of Healthline, due to irritable bowel syndrome, abdominal swelling can also occur. It also causes a lot of pain and there is difficulty in digesting food. Apart from this, cramps also keep coming in the stomach due to gas and bloating.

2. Ascites or ascitesAscites is a disease that occurs when fluid starts accumulating in the side of the abdomen. Due to this, liver problems also increase. There is a risk of cirrhosis in this.

3. Dairy Products-Some people have stomach heaviness, bloating and gas after consuming dairy products. The reason for this is that the lactose sugar present in dairy products cannot be digested by the body. This is called lactose intolerance. This causes indigestion, gas and abdominal pain.

4. Stone in Gall BladderEven if there is a stone in the gall bladder, the stomach starts swelling. Along with this, even if there is swelling in the pancreas, its effect falls on the stomach.

home remedies for stomach bloating
There can be different reasons for swelling in the stomach for every person. Although only the doctor will be able to find out what has caused the swelling in the stomach, but it can be corrected with some home remedies. If the stomach is swollen, then first of all you eat less and eat slowly while eating so that the stomach gets enough time to complete the digestive processes. If there is swelling in the stomach due to gas, do not consume cauliflower, cabbage, soft drinks, soda water etc. If dairy product is the reason then do not consume it. Increase exercise and eat healthy food. You can also increase the intake of fruits, but do not eat the fruit which causes excessive gas after eating it.

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