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Swiggy comes out with sexual harassment policy for women delivery executives – News18 Hindi


The number of the abusive customer will be removed from the Swiggy platform.
Female delivery executive will not be sent in unsafe areas.
The company will also provide legal aid to the female executive.

New Delhi. Swiggy has come out with a new policy to protect its female delivery executives from sexual harassment. In the new policy, provisions have been made to protect women delivery workers from sexual harassment at the workplace by customers or third parties. Now if a customer misbehaves with Swiggy’s female delivery worker, the company will not only provide full legal assistance to the female worker, but will also highlight the customer’s number. In case of serious offence, the customer will be removed from the Swiggy platform.

The company says that the purpose of highlighting the customer’s number on the platform is not to send any female executive to that customer to place the order. The company says that the female employee can file a case against the customer in the police at any time and the company will never stop her from doing so. The company will help the police in the investigation of the case.

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Women executive will get full help
In case of sexual harassment by customers, male counterparts, restaurant partners and Swiggy employees, female delivery workers can call Swiggy’s emergency SOS number and seek help and make a complaint. In such cases, women employees can lodge a complaint with Swiggy’s on-ground team for emergency assistance. The internal committee constituted under the chairmanship of the woman will investigate such cases and guide the women delivery executive regarding the future course of action. The company will help the aggrieved woman executive in filing a police complaint and will also cooperate with the police in the investigation.

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Help can also be taken from the executive app
There is an SOS button in the Swiggy Delivery Executive app. With its help, assistance can be taken round the clock. With its help, an ambulance, local police station or Swiggy helpline can be contacted. The company says that if women do not consider an area safe for themselves, then they can refuse to deliver in that area. Swiggy says that the company’s technical team is currently working on a solution to ensure that women delivery executives are prevented from being sent for delivery to those unsafe locations.

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