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Take care of money plant in easy ways, these methods will be helpful in increasing growth


Money plant plant can be grown in both soil and water.
Bottles with thin mouths work to maintain humidity in the plant.

Money plant care tips: Money plant is the pride of most homes. The money plant, which is considered auspicious for the home, is also the best source of air purifier. Due to which most people definitely plant money plants inside or outside the house. But many times the growth of money plant is not done properly. In such a situation, by adopting some easy methods, you can accelerate the growth of money plant.

Actually, the growth of money plant is considered very good for the house. But many times, even after taking care of lakhs, the money plant plant does not take the name of growing. So let us tell you about some easy gardening tips, by trying which you can make money plant healthy.

How to take care of money plant

Tips to speed up growth in soil
Money plant can be grown in both soil and water. But when the growth of the plant is low, it is better to plant it in soil instead of water. For this, trim the roots of the plant and plant it in the soil. Keep in mind that the node of the money plant should also be inside the soil. At the same time, immediately after planting the plant, avoid adding more manure to it, it can rot your plant.

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grow in water
Some people even fill water in the bottle and set up a money plant. Of course, money plant can thrive in water without soil. But in such a situation it becomes necessary to change the water of the plant every day. On the other hand, mixing 1 tablet of aspirin in the bottle of money plant automatically accelerates the growth of the plant.

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Take care of money plant in soil
Money plant grows quickly in soil. In such a situation, avoid applying it in a place with direct sunlight. Also, keep adding Epsom salt to the soil from time to time for better growth. Apart from this, you can also mix vermi compost and coco peat to maintain moisture in the soil. At the same time, applying nitrogen rich manure every three months also keeps the plant healthy. However, do not forget to use hard fertilizer on money plant.

money plant care in water
It is best to use a glass bottle to put a money plant in water only. Especially thin-mouthed bottles of beer and whiskey serve to maintain humidity in the plant. At the same time, always keep clean water in the bottle of money plant. Also, if there is better growth of the plant, do not use more manure in it.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Please contact the relevant expert before implementing them.)

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