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Take care of these things, otherwise straightening can cause damage to hair

Hair Straightening Tips: In today’s time everyone wants to look beautiful and stylish. It is said that her hair plays an important role in maintaining beauty and making her personality attractive. Different hair suits every type of personality, like some people like to have straight hair, they do straightening. Some people like curly hair, they prefer to curl their hair, but did you know that hair electronic appliances like straighteners can be very harmful for hair. They play a special role in managing the hair, but due to this hair fall and damage (hair damage) starts to happen a lot. In such a situation, we have brought for you the ways to prevent hair loss and hair fall due to Hair Straightening Tips.

Side Effects of Straightening

Hair straightening makes the hair dry and weak, which leads to hair fall. Gradually, due to the loss of the natural moisture of your hair, the hair starts becoming lifeless. The chemicals get into the hair roots due to straightening. Due to this hair growth can stop.

Tips to prevent hair fall

  • Hair experts say that it is very important to apply heat protectant before straightening hair or using any electronic thing.
  • Do not straighten hair daily.
  • Do hair straightening only once or twice a week.
  • Use straighteners only on medium or low flame.
  • Never do straightening on wet hair, it weakens the hair more.

How to do hair care

  • Do hair oil massage to retain the moisture of your hair.
  • Use a good conditioner while washing hair so that the hair does not remain dry.
  • Moisturize the hair naturally, for this it will be beneficial to use curd, coconut milk, and honey.
  • Good diet and plenty of sleep are also necessary for strong hair.

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