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Take help of these easy tips to plant a coconut plant in the courtyard of the house


To grow a coconut plant, an empty space or a large pot is needed.
Apply light sunlight to the coconut plant and avoid keeping it in strong sunlight.
It takes time for the coconut plant to be fully prepared, so be patient.

Tips To Grow Coconut Plant At Home In Hinduism, every auspicious work is started with coconut. Coconut fruit, coconut water, coconut chutney and all things made from coconut are very much liked by all. Coconut is eaten and used in different ways in different places. But do you know that you can grow delicious and beneficial coconut in the courtyard of your house as well. Yes, it is very easy to grow coconut plant at home. If you have some free space in your house then you can easily grow coconut plant in your house. That is why today we have brought for you a very easy method, by which you can grow coconut plant in your home garden. Let’s know-

First thing to grow coconut plant at home
Prepare seeds from ripe coconut or you can take germinated coconut seeds from any good nursery and store.
To grow coconut, fill the planting soil i.e. loamy soil in a large size pot or big bucket. To give good growth to the coconut plant, it is necessary to have air in the soil, for which you can also mix some small stones in the soil.

After preparing the soil of the plant, bury the coconut half in the soil and take care that a part of the coconut should be out of the soil.

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Water the plant two to three times a week and apply light sunlight. The coconut tree needs light shade, so avoid planting the coconut plant in strong sunlight.
To give good growth to the coconut plant, you can prepare special compost at home and sprinkle neem water on the leaves of the plant from time to time.
By adopting this easy method, you can grow a coconut plant in a pot in the courtyard of your house. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Please contact the relevant expert before implementing them.)

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