Taste of Banaras: Everyone is taking the name of Clove, since PM Modi praised it; How is this Banarasi flavor?

Varanasi. Banaras is famous all over the world for its flavours. The lovers of sweets here are also everywhere. One such Banarasi sweet is ‘Laungalata’ whose taste is excellent and now it is being discussed everywhere. In fact, PM Modi (Pm Narendra Modi), who came to Varanasi on Friday, mentioned this Banarasi clove from the stage of Sampurnanand Sanskrit University. Do you know the facts related to this special sweet of Banaras.

In Varanasi, PM Modi said, “Whenever people come to visit Banaras, they taste cloves along with Jalebi here. Due to this, the business of the people here increases and new sources of income open up. The people of Banaras, who heard this talk of PM Modi, were proud of their taste, those who are not familiar with it, they were seen getting information about this sweet on social media and internet.

the taste is awesome
Ashish Kumar, a resident of Banaras told that the taste of cloves is wonderful. Everyone likes this desi sweet and it does not harm the health in any way. This desi sweet is easily available at every square intersection of Banaras.

This is how cloves are prepared
While discussing cloves, let us also tell you how this desi sweet is made. Dinesh Yadav told that cloves are made from maida, khova, cloves, cardamom and dry fruits. Firstly a mixture is made by frying khova, cloves, cardamom and dry fruits. After that it is filled in flour bread. Then after frying it in a pan, it is dipped in sugar syrup.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : March 25, 2023

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