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Taste Of Lucknow: The taste of Lucknow is incomplete without butter cream, know how it is prepared

Report : Anjali Singh Rajput

Lucknow: Butter Malai, which is also known as Lucknow ka drya and is also known as Lucknowi Mithai. The special thing is that people can enjoy this sweet only for 4 months. 4 months means that it is sold in the market only from October to February.

You will see all the small shops of butter cream near the famous flower street of Chowk. This sweet comes only in winters, the reason being that it is made by keeping it under dew in winter.

That is, the dew that falls in winter by mixing cream and milk is kept under it from the sky. Then in the morning both are mixed. The foam that is prepared after the meeting of both is called butter cream. After this, it is prepared by adding saffron, dry fruits, cardamom and sugar candy. People come from far and wide to eat this Lucknowi sweet.

Pink cold is knocking butter cream
As soon as butter cream arrives in the market of Lucknow, people also start feeling the pink cold in Lucknow. Only one or two shops are there now. But till the first week of November, there is a market for whole butter cream, which starts at 6:00 in the morning and stays till about 8:00 in the night. Its price is 60 rupees for 100 grams. There is a kilo of 600 rupees.

People enjoy the whole winter
Customer Ankit Jaiswal told that he eats it a lot cold i.e. 4 months and also brings his family here. The taste of Lucknowi butter cream is not found anywhere. People are making butter cream but there is no Lucknowi style and taste anywhere. Customer Nitika Rastogi told that this is a special sweet of Lucknow, without which the taste of Lucknow is incomplete. She also enjoys it all winter with her family. This sweet dissolves as soon as it goes in the mouth, the weight is very less.

This is how it is prepared
Kunal, a shopkeeper of Chowk’s famous butter cream, told that milk is needed to make butter cream. A little fresh white butter is added to it. After this, it is kept outside for 4-5 hours to cool down. After this it is whipped, until it becomes thick. When it starts foaming, it is kept in the dew late at night. This foam swells with the help of dew. After this, it is prepared by mixing dry fruits, cardamom, saffron and sugar candy.

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