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The child told the unique reason for not doing homework, you will not be able to stop laughing after knowing the reason

Master – Chintu, why didn’t you do your homework?
Chintu – Because, I live in the hostel.
Masterji angrily – So what was the trouble in the useless hostel?
Chintu – Master ji now you tell me.. how will I do homework in hostel? For this you should give hostel work.
Master ji then got Chintu to do two rounds of the entire school.

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Gupta ji said to the beggar sitting on the way- ‘You should be ashamed while begging.’ Walk with me, working my house. I will give you three hundred rupees a day. The beggar said, okay okay, you sit with me. I will give you five hundred rupees a day.

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The father who works in the traffic police asked his son – Golu, why did he get less marks in the test?
Now from tomorrow, stop playing, jumping, watching TV.
Golu – Papa, cut this challan of 100 rupees and end the matter.

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