The monk gave such an answer to the boy’s question, you will be left laughing

Boy – Baba I am an engineer. Can’t find a job, tell me the solution

Sadhu- Which branch is it son?

boy – electrical

Sadhu- Then I don’t know, mine was mechanical…

The boy faints…

Tickling jokes to laugh.

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Sonu (to Monu) – What are you thinking while sitting, brother?

Monu- That is, from where would the one who had set curd for the first time, bring that jam?

Viral Joles

Keep reading funny jokes to make you laugh, Image-Canva

Pandit ji mixed the horoscope.

Got 36 properties out of 36.

The boys refused.

The girl was surprised and started asking.

“Why are you refusing when all the qualities are available?”

Boys: “Our boy is absolutely laughing. Now should the daughter-in-law also bring like that?”

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