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The more you stay in stress, the more wrong you will find your partner, will count his flaws: Research


Stress makes you focus on the negative behavior of your partner.
Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin conducted this survey on 79 newly married couples.

Stress Effects on Relationship: Do you know that when you are under stress, you tend to focus more on your partner’s mistakes or habits? Yes, this has come to the fore in a recent research. Work stress or the stress of everyday life can lead you to focus more on the negative behavior of your partner. When you are under stress, you start counting the small flaws of your partner. According to research, when you do not have any work, your child is ill or you miss your train, flight, then due to such incidents tension arises inside the person. When you face such incidents, you start blaming the other person (partner).

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What does research say?
According to research, experiencing stress makes us focus more on the negative behavior of our partner. When there is tension, the annoyance towards the partner increases. To reach the conclusion of this research, researchers from the University of Texas at Austin surveyed 79 newly married couples. Participants were asked to fill out a questionnaire every night over a period of 10 days. In this, everyone was asked to note down the stressful events they experienced throughout the day, as well as how they behaved and quality during the conversation with their partner.

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What did the research find?
In conclusion, the researchers found that there was an increased tendency to focus on the negative behavior of their partner among those who had experienced or experienced the most stressful situations. Partners who lived a stressful routine focused more on negative behavior such as breaking promises made by their spouse, getting angry, being impatient, or criticizing. However, the researchers say that it is not enough to justify one partner from having a stressful day or because of their negative behavior from their spouse because of stress. Research shows that for many days when a person is leading a stressful life or facing such situations, then such changes can be born in him to a great extent. If this happens to someone, then it can affect the relationship too.

The study’s lead author, Dr. Lisa Neff, of the University of Texas at Austin, says that if stress shifts the couple’s attention to their partner’s misbehavior, it is likely to affect the relationship. In such a situation, there is an urgent need to investigate whether the harmful effects of stress in such couples, who have been married for many years, will be stronger or not?

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