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The problem of headache is caused by eating spicy, is it the reason for thunder clap headache? – eating spicy food causes headache is it the reason for thunderclap headache in hindi – News18 Hindi


Severe headache and dizziness can occur when there is a thunder clap headache.
Thunder clap can be triggered by excessive intake of black pepper.

What Is Thunderclap Headache: Unbearable headache, fainting and dizziness can be a sign of a problem related to the brain. Can this problem be caused by eating any spicy food? Yes, if there is a sudden severe headache in which there is a need to go to the hospital, then this problem may not be normal but may be thunderclap headache. This headache occurs only to a few people. During a headache, headache and neck pain are felt for a few seconds, but the intensity of the pain is so strong that the patient may have to see a doctor immediately. Why does thunderclap headache happen? What is the connection between this and spicy food? Let’s know about it.

What is thunderclap headache?
Thunder clap headache can be called a kind of brain hemorrhage. According to Health.com, a thunderclap headache begins suddenly and usually lasts less than five minutes. This pain can reach its intensity in a few seconds. In this, the patient can hear a sound like lightning in the ear, hence it is called thunder clap headache. There is no specific reason behind thunderclap headache but it can also happen due to fluctuations in blood pressure. Sometimes this situation can be very dangerous.

Can eating spicy food cause thunderclap headache?,
Eating spicy food can sometimes increase the problem of thunderclap headache. Its signs can be seen especially in people who eat more black pepper. Eating more spicy or chili food can put pressure on the blood vessels of the brain. Because of which the problem can trigger. Usually the signs of this problem are not visible earlier due to which it becomes very difficult to identify.

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Risks of Eating Spicy Food
Whenever we talk about spicy things, we should be a little cautious. People who already have cardiac problems or brain related problems should stay away from spicy food. Eating spicy food can cause stomach discomfort, numbness and difficulty in breathing. There may be acid formation in the stomach. If there is a problem of headache after eating spicy food, then the doctor should be contacted immediately. However, in some cases the headache may subside on its own after a few minutes. Thunder clap headache is not a normal headache, so the doctor should be contacted as soon as its symptoms appear.

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