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The range of your EV may decrease suddenly, know what is its relation to changing weather


According to the season, the capacity of the electric vehicle keeps on increasing and decreasing.
In the winter season, its power is reduced as well as the range is affected.
Sometimes it is difficult to start the car in this weather.

New Delhi. Amidst the rising prices of petrol and diesel, people are buying electric vehicles. After buying it, many people complain about the range. Trying to increase its range by trying different types of remedies. Some people are not preferring to buy an electric vehicle due to the range and time taken in charging. While selling it, very few electric vehicles can live up to what the companies claim about the range. Do you know the reason behind this?

One of the biggest reasons behind this is the weather. Actually, with the change of season, the range of electric vehicles is affected. Not only this, its capacity also keeps on increasing according to the season.

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In what temperature do you test the range?

After buying a vehicle, it is very important for the people who have complaints about its range, it is very important to know about the testing. Actually the testing of these vehicles is done in 24-35 degree Celsius temperature. For this reason, after bringing it home, gradually the range and power starts decreasing. There are very few people who understand this. Actually, people blame the company due to its change according to the time. But there is also an aspect behind it, the weather. Very few people run it in the temperature in which it is tested.

The capacity of the vehicle is reduced in the winter season.

During the winter season the capacity of the vehicles decreases. Not only electric vehicles but also petrol and diesel powered vehicles have less capacity. Many times people spend more time using kick to start the car. According to a report, the capacity of vehicles decreases by about 20 to 25 percent in the winter season. Not only this, it also takes more time to charge it. Even while driving, its range gradually increases only after the engine warms up.

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Due to this, the range of the vehicle becomes less.

Weather has a significant impact on the range of electric vehicles. There is a kind of temperature regulation in the battery. This stops the fast charging facility when it gets cold according to the weather. Generally, while driving in this weather, more electricity is used to optimize the temperature of the battery. This is the reason why the range of electric vehicles gets reduced in the winter season. To increase this, after starting the vehicle, run the engine for a while only after it is warm.

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