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The scolding has a bad effect on the mind of children, unable to express themselves, help in this way


Change your habit of scolding and silencing the child.
Assure that you will understand their feelings.

How To Teach Your Child To Express Emotions: Some children are not able to express their feelings easily. The major reason for this can be considered as the upbringing of childhood and the strict behavior of the parents with the child. In such a situation, children not only stop sharing their problems, but also share their own happiness with them. The difficulties increase when they start trying to tell anything to the parents. Gradually, this becomes a habit of his, which also starts having an effect on the development of his personality.

According to EducationalPlayCare, children are also frustrated, sad, angry, nervous and embarrassed in front of you or people. But like elders, they are not able to control their emotions completely. In such a situation, many times parents scold them and silence them due to their behavior not being right. It is from here that the habit of keeping quiet inside the child starts at home, which can prove to be dangerous later. He also stops expressing his important things. If your child also has some such problem, then let us know how you can help him to express his emotion for the personality development of the child.

Teach the child to express emotion in this way

accept the child’s feelings
It is possible that sometimes your child over-reacts which you do not like. But you accept the child’s feelings and try to help the child. If the child feels that you understand them, then they will calm down on their own. Will not hesitate to share my point with you from next time.

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listen to the child’s feelings
When you listen to the feelings of the child with a calm mind, then believe that your child will be able to tell his problems in a better way. In such a situation, take a deep breath and sit quietly and listen silently. Many times when children tell their parents the whole thing, then they are able to move on better than problems.

use of words
You can teach children such words that they can express all their feelings. For example, if he is upset then he can tell you that today I am upset. Apart from this, if he starts speaking like this, then take his words seriously and take him in a positive environment.

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Help to find solution
You can tell different ways to the child to share his feelings. You give them the freedom to share all kinds of emotions and help them come up with solutions.

show happiness
If your child shares his feelings in a good way, then appreciate him with love and tell how much you are that he is telling you this.

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