The sperm count of men who do such work is wonderful, research will open the eyes of people who like comfort

How To Higher Sperm Count: Due to modern lifestyle the problem of infertility has started increasing. This problem is not less for men also. There has been a huge decrease in the number of sperm in men. Along with this, the quality of sperm has also started to weaken. If there is a decrease in the number and quality of sperms, then the chances of becoming a father can be bleak. Lax routine in modern lifestyle can be responsible for this. Now it has also been accepted in a research that the sperm count is low in people who do less physical work. The study claimed that people who lift heavy weights have 44 percent more sperm count than those who do simple jobs.

Researchers from Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health have done this study. The study said that the sperm count of employees working in physically demanding jobs that required heavy lifting was 44 percent higher than those working in an office.

Testosterone level 24 percent higher
In the study, researchers made an in-depth analysis of the health and functioning of 370 people undergoing treatment for infertility. Many questions were asked to all these patients and they were asked to participate in a survey. The results of the study found that men who lift or move heavy objects in their jobs had a 46 percent higher concentration of sperm than men who did not lift heavy objects, while their sperm count was also 44 percent higher. The percentage was high. The study also found that men who worked night shifts had 24 percent higher levels of testosterone than those who only worked during the day. However, night shift workers had 45 percent higher estrogen concentrations than those who only worked during the day.

physical work improves manhood
Lead researcher Lydia Minguse said that our study is different from the fact taught in biology class that it is said that male and female hormones are present in both men and women but in different amounts. When we studied these people, we hypothesized that when testosterone is high, it converts to estrogen. This is a known way of keeping both the hormones balanced in the body. This study is in stark contrast to the results of a previous study which suggested that men with heavy labor had lower sperm concentration and lower sperm count, while shift work had no effect on semen quality. He said that our study has proved that a physically demanding job improves testicular function in men on the basis of several indicators.

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