The taste of food will increase and the pocket will be heavy! This business will earn big money every month, know the secret?

New Delhi. Most of the people in our country are fond of eating pickles. Whenever you eat food at a wedding ceremony or hotel or at home, you definitely use pickle with food. Because food without pickle is considered incomplete. Today pickles are made by a large number of people in every village and city of our country. Today women have also started doing its business. This work is such that you can start it from anywhere with low cost.

If you know the method of making pickle well, then you can make pickle at home too. If the quality of your pickle is good, then you can market your pickle and sell it in the market. You can earn well by starting pickle business. Along with this, it is such a business that can run in every season.

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Selection of place for pickle making business
Pickle making business should be started from home only. When the business starts growing, then you can think about furthering this business by taking a separate place. It is necessary to have an area of ​​900 square feet for pickle making business. Open space is required for preparing pickles, drying pickles, packing pickles etc. In order to save the pickle from getting spoiled for a long time, very cleanliness is needed in the method of making pickle, only then the pickle remains intact for a long time.

Business starts with very little money
If you want to start your pickle business sitting at home, then for this you have to make a budget. There is no need to make much budget for this. All the items are easily available at home. Only you have to buy raw material from the market to make pickle. After growing the business, if you do marketing in the right direction, then you can increase your business and earn good profits. You can start this business in only 2 thousand to 3 thousand rupees.

how much will be earning
With this you can earn up to 25 to 30 thousand rupees. This earning also depends on the demand, packing and area of ​​your product. You can sell pickles online, wholesale, retail market and retail chain. If your business grows then you need a license for pickle making business. To start the business, license can be obtained from Food Safety and Standard Authority (FSSAI). This license can be applied for by filling an online form. .

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