There are some rules for plucking basil leaves, take special care of these things, mother Lakshmi will never be angry

Tusli Or Basil Leaves Importance: Tulsi plant has great importance in Hinduism and Tulsi plant is found in almost all homes. Tulsi has religious importance as well as companion, its Ayurvedic importance is also very high. Due to its medicinal properties, it is used in many types of diseases. If you believe in the scriptures, if you visit the Tulsi plant every day, then your troubles will go away and at the same time happiness and prosperity will remain in your house.

Tulsi leaves are also used a lot in worship. But do you know that there is also a rule to pluck basil leaves. If we use it in a wrong way then many kinds of troubles can come in our life. To keep our life away from troubles, it is necessary to know the correct rules and regulations related to Tulsi.

Rules for plucking basil leaves

In Hinduism, the Tulsi plant is worshiped like a goddess, so its leaves should never be plucked without taking a bath. Pouring water on Tulsi plant without bathing is also prohibited.

– If you believe in the scriptures, before plucking basil leaves, pray to Tulsi Mata and take permission from her to pluck the leaves.

Many times people break each and every basil leaf. It is wrong to do so. Never break a leaf, but break the whole part which is the frontmost part of a branch.

If you keep the statue of Laughing Buddha in the house, happiness and prosperity will come, luck will shine, you will get rid of all the troubles.

Manjari applied on Tulsi plant has great importance. Manjari is considered greater than all flowers, so while plucking manjari, it should be kept in mind that it is necessary to have leaves in it.

While plucking Tulsi leaves, it should be specially kept in mind that never pluck them after sunset.

Nails should not be used while plucking basil leaves. Always keep Tulsi in an open place and do not forget to light a lamp in it from evening.

– Breaking basil leaves without any reason is considered as a sin. Always use Tulsi only when it is used in religious works or as a medicine during any disease.

Many times the leaves of Tulsi break and fall down and people step on them. Never do such mistake. Never sweep the dry leaves of Tulsi, nor throw them in the garbage. These dry leaves should be collected and put on the soil only.

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