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There is a difference between compact and loose powder, both are used in different ways.

In today’s time, women like to do makeup to make their look more beautiful, but it is more important to do it properly than to do it. Although women use many types of makeup products while doing makeup, but if they are not used properly, then it does not take long for your look to deteriorate. These makeup products include compact and loose powder.

These are makeup products that are in every woman’s makeup kit, but most of the women do not know the difference between these two makeup products and hence they use it without thinking. Let us tell you that both these makeup products work differently on your skin. Let us tell you here what is the difference between compact and loose powder.

What is compact powder?

Compact powder gives coverage to your skin. It helps to hide the imperfections of your face and makes your skin complexion more beautiful. After applying compact powder, it gives a flawless look to your skin.

What is loose powder?

Loose powder is also known as translucent or setting powder. It is usually applied over the foundation. Loose powder makes your makeup long lasting. Not only this, if you do not want to do heavy makeup, then you can apply it over moisturizer. Let the loose powder help in giving a matte texture to your face.

What is the difference between lude powder and compact powder?

  • Loose powder absorbs oil while compact powder blends with face oil.
  • Loose powder is considered good for oily skin whereas if you have dry skin then compact powder is used for you.

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