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There is also a trick to boil milk, these hacks will not spoil the pot with milk

Milk Boil Tricks: After listening to the trick of boiling milk, you must be wondering whether any trick is needed for this too? Boiling milk is not as simple as it seems. Many times it may have happened to you that you have kept milk in a pot to boil, but suddenly you have gone here and there after remembering some work, only when you return to the kitchen after smelling the burning of milk, then all the milk is scattered.

At the same time, many times when milk spreads, it sticks a lot in the pot. Cleaning the utensils in this situation is not less than a crooked kheer. In such a situation, boiling milk is not less than a task for you too. Let us know some such tricks by which milk can be saved from spreading.

how to boil milk

  • To boil milk, first of all, soak the inner bottom of the vessel in which you are planning to boil milk with water. By doing this the milk will not stick in the pot. Also, the utensils are easily cleaned.
  • Apart from this, whenever you are boiling milk in a vessel, before boiling milk, put a small spoon in it. By doing this the milk does not boil.
  • Apart from this, while boiling the milk, put a wooden spoon in its pot. It is also called spatula. Milk will not come out from this. Also steam will not be visible.
  • Whenever milk boils, do not let its butter spread. With this all the cream of milk comes out. For this, when the milk boils while boiling milk, remove the layer from its edge.
  • While boiling milk, add half a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate to this vessel. Due to this, the milk will not fall on the gas after boiling.

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