There is not a single road in this country, instead of cars and bikes, people travel with boats, why there was no need for a road

New Delhi. There are many such places in the country and world which are famous all over the world for their beautiful views. People come from all four directions to see the beauty of these places. Even today we are going to talk about a country where there is not a single road. Now you must be thinking that how can this happen, how would people travel without roads. So let us tell you that here all the people move around with their boat instead of their car bike. We are talking about Githorn, a small village in the Netherlands. This village is so beautiful that it is very difficult to lose sight of it.

Githorn village in the Netherlands remains a center of attraction for tourists from all over the world. Thousands of tourists come here and enjoy its amazing views. There is not a single motor vehicle in this village. Anyone who wants to go somewhere can go only with the help of a boat. Boats run in the canals here with electric motors, through which people come and go.

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People did not need road
There is very less noise from these boats and people do not have any complaints about them. At the same time, some people have made wooden bridges over the canal passing through the village to go from one place to another. There are more than 180 bridges in this village. Through which people cross the canal. Around 3000 people live in this village of Netherlands. The village of Githorn with no roads is very quiet during the day. The people living here have their own private islands and they go from one place to another through canals. Almost all the houses have their own boat.

This village was settled in 1230
This village was founded in the year 1230 and initially its name was Getenhorn. Later its name became Giethoorn. There is also a history behind the construction of a canal in the village. It is said that these 1 meter deep canals were made to transport a type of grass used in fuel from one end to the other. During the excavation many ponds and lakes were formed here. Then, perhaps no one would have guessed that due to the canals made to transport peat, this place would be covered on the world map as a beautiful tourist destination.

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