There will always be freshness in the relationship, follow 5 practical rules, partner will be with you in every situation

Simple Relationship Tips: As time passes, our relationship also matures. We understand each other better and keep accepting good and bad habits as well. Amidst the ups and downs of life, relationships also change and we start becoming each other’s support system. But this does not happen in everyone’s relationship. With the passage of time, frustration starts coming between them, they feel tired together, they do not have time for conversation and even when there is time, there is no topic for conversation. There is no freshness left in the relationship and they start feeling lonely even after being together. The reason for this is actually very simple. You can take help of some practical measures to avoid such situations.

Follow the rules of the first year- As we start spending time together, we become careless towards relationships. We easily lose our patience, express displeasure, even hurt each other’s feelings easily. Avoid doing this and follow the rules which were adopted in the first year of your dating, in your present life as well.

Ask their needs As we spend time together, we get to know each other’s needs as well. Because of this, the expectation about each other also starts increasing. We stop asking each other’s needs and the question starts coming in the partner’s mind whether you care for him or not. So remember that as far as possible ask your partner’s needs. It is necessary to maintain freshness in your relationship.

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Become an expert of your partner You start knowing everything about your partner and try to understand them as far as possible. Then whether it is his emotional need, physical need or something else. You also know what things he likes, what excites him and what triggers his mood. As far as possible, try to become an expert in understanding your partner.

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Ask these questions before sleeping- After the day’s running, do not forget to ask your partner that how was his day today. In this way, regular connection will remain between you. Not only this, if there is no special conversation between you even after this question, then you can ask which thing did he like today, which was the difficult task today. Trust me, it will show that you care for them.

Create a weekly ritual Take time out to spend time together one day a week and make plans together beforehand. You can go on dinner dates, movie dates etc. and spend some exciting time together. This will help in maintaining the privacy and bonding between you.

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