There will be no need to get down to clean heavy curtains, these hacks are easy to remove dust, you will be saved from the hassle

Easiest Way To Clean Heavy Curtains: Curtains are considered one of the most important things for home decoration. The more heavy Bhadkam curtains are there in the house, the more the beauty of the house will increase. Especially if you have a lot of windows or doors in your homes. However, cleaning these curtains does not seem less of a challenge. The most difficult task is to take them off again and again, wash them and hang them back at the right places. In such a situation, to make this difficult task easy, we have come up with some hacks. With their help, you will also clean the curtains and there will be no need to remove them.

easy ways to clean heavy curtains

sweep with a broom
If dust has accumulated on your curtains or spiders have made a web, then it is better that you clean them daily with the help of a broom before they become too dirty. By doing this they will not get stubborn stains.

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shake hard
If dust has accumulated on heavy curtains, then you should shake them vigorously. By doing this the dust deposited on them will be removed. After this you leave them like this for 10 minutes and then after 10 minutes do dusting of the house. By doing this, the dust coming out of the curtains will get deposited on the ground and cleaning of the house will also be done easily.

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use a vacuum cleaner
Keep a vacuum cleaner at home and clean heavy curtains with the help of it. If you clean them regularly every week, then they will always be clean and tidy.

use a steamer
After cleaning the curtains properly, you can clean them with a good steam cleaner. Due to this, the bacteria etc. accumulated in them are also easily destroyed and your family remains safe from diseases. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm them. Before implementing these, contact the concerned expert.)

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