There will be rain of ‘Chhapparfad’ money, when you invest in LIC’s Dhanvarsha, just have to save a little money

New Delhi. LIC has introduced such a scheme in which the benefit of Rs 93 lakh is available on low investment. LIC has also named this scheme as Dhanvarsha. LIC’s Dhan Varsha policy is a unique offering from Life Insurance Corporation of India which combines the benefits of a life insurance policy with long term savings. It gives policyholders an opportunity to secure their future and financial stability of their family by paying a lump sum premium amount. With this scheme, you can get up to 10 times the risk cover for less money. Under this, customers are offered to choose two policy terms. The premium has to be paid only once in this policy. So let’s know everything about this scheme….

It can give you good profit on paying one time premium. Dhan Varsha Plan is a non-linked, non-participating, individual, savings, life insurance plan. At the end of the policy term, the policyholder will receive the Basic Sum Assured along with a guaranteed lump sum amount as maturity benefit.

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two investment options
There are 2 options in this policy of LIC. Choosing the first option gives a return of 1.25 times the premium deposited. On the other hand, by choosing the second option, you get a risk cover of up to 10 times. If you have bought a single premium of Rs 10 lakh. Wherein if the policy holder dies. In this situation, the nominee decided by him gets about Rs 1 crore.

Learn how to get the benefit of 93 lakhs
Suppose a person aged 35 buys a policy with a Basic Sum Assured of Rs 10 lakh, a policy term of 15 years and Policy Option 2. So in LIC Dhan Varsha policy, you will get Rs 8,74,950 at a time. Let us tell you, the rate of Guaranteed Edition is Rs. 40 per Rs. 1000 Basic Sum Assured.

In such a situation, if the death of the LIC Dhan Varsha policy holder occurs in the 10th policy year, then the nominee will get Rs. 91,49,500 (87,49,500 + Rs. 4,00,000). On the other hand, if the policy holder dies in the 15th year of the policy, then the nominee will get Rs. 93,49,500 ( 87,49,500 + Rs. 6,00,000). And if the policy holder survives till the maturity of the policy then he gets 16,00,000 (10,00,000 + Rs. 6,00,000).

Tax Benefit: The policyholder gets tax benefit under section 80C and section 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act.

How to Apply: LIC Dhan Varsha policy can be purchased by paying a single premium through various modes of payment such as cash, cheque, demand draft, or online through the LIC portal.

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Who can apply: The eligibility criteria for LIC Dhan Varsha policy includes the following parameters-

minimum age: 8 years
Maximum Age: Option 1 (for policy term of 10 years) – 60 years, Option 2 (for policy term of 10 years) – 40 years, Option 1 (for policy term of 15 years) – 55 years, Option 2 (for 15 years For policy term of (years) – 35 years
Policy Term: 10 years or 15 years
Basic Sum Assured: Rupee. 1,25,000 to Rs. 99,00,000

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