There will be sweetness in the relationship between the couple, men will have to do this special work, formula revealed in the study

How to Improve Intimacy with Partner: The warmth of the relationship between husband and wife starts to weaken after a few years. Be it husband or wife, when both start getting more busy in their respective works, then there is a clear lack of warmth in the relationship. Usually the wife has to do all the household work and the husband does not help in this work. This thing comes out as the biggest wall in any good relationship. When the walls of the relationship begin to crack, not only the husband and wife, but also the people associated with them get into trouble. In such a situation, what should be done to enjoy the romance to the fullest. For this, a great formula has been described in a study conducted in Australia. By adopting this formula, any couple can bring warmth in physical relation forever.

It has been suggested in the study that if men help women in household work, then women start loving men more. Then the relationship of love between the two increases.

Men have to do this work
The Jerusalem Post quoted research as saying that if there is equal participation of the couple in household chores, then there will always be freshness in the physical relationship. It has been said in the study that if the couple share their hands together in the work like cleaning the house, utensils, broom-mopping dusting or men help the women in these works, these works prove to be very effective in increasing the physical relationship in their life. Are. It has been said in the study that when only women in the house cook food, clean utensils, do dusting of the house, even wash clothes, then by the end of the day, she becomes extremely tired. In such a situation, at the time of physical relation, the mind remains full of tension. Due to these reasons, women lose their interest in making physical relations. But if a man accompanies a woman in these works, then the energy of the woman remains intact and she starts showering more love on such men. This means that the work which till now is solely the responsibility of women, men must definitely lend a hand in it, only then the warmth of relations will remain intact.

this is the kind of desire
Researchers from Swinburne University of Technology in Australia have conducted this study. The study included 299 Australian women and asked them some online questions about their desires related to physical relations. The researchers asked them some personal questions related to their desire to have a relationship. The study found that this desire of women is multidimensional. According to the study, women desire to have a relationship in solitude. In fact, when she is not satisfied with getting her desires, she tries to get specific needs in order to get it. At the same time, when she wants to have a relationship with someone after being attracted to them, she wants to get intimacy in him. This intimacy can be successful only when he is free from the hassle of work. In such a situation, if there is an equal distribution of household chores, then women have a strong desire to build an emotional relationship. The researchers reported that people who reported working as equals were more satisfied in their relationships.

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