These 11 ways of personal hygiene must be taught to children, they will not fall ill again and again


From the age of 3 to 4 years, children must be taught to clean their teeth properly.
Make a habit of sleeping by washing your feet and hands thoroughly before sleeping, wearing clean clothes.

Personal Hygiene for Your Kids: When young children grow up a little and start going to school, many parents have this problem that their children fall ill again and again. Not only this, cough, cold, etc. always keep bothering them. In such a situation, it is necessary that they should be taught to take care of themselves outside and inculcate the habit of maintaining their personal hygiene in a better way.

Let us tell you today about 11 personal hygiene that you must teach your children and try to inculcate it in them. By doing this, they will fall ill less and remain healthy throughout the year.

Teach children how to maintain personal hygiene

To take away other’s belongings
The easiest way for any bacteria to reach inside our body is through our hands. In such a situation, children must be taught to keep their hands clean from an early age. Give them the habit that they wash their hands thoroughly with soap after coming from the toilet, after playing, after touching animals, after meeting a sick person, before eating and after coming home from outside.

oral hygiene
From the age of 3 to 4 years, children must be taught to clean their teeth properly. Apart from this, the habit of rinsing after eating anything and keeping the teeth clean will save them from cavity.

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Drinking water
The more water the child drinks, the problem of bad breath from his mouth will remain away. Apart from this, it will remain hydrated throughout the day.

toilet hygiene
Teach children to use clean toilets from an early age. It is also necessary to teach how they can keep the toilet clean. Teach them to use the toilet in a clean way so that the toilet seat is not dirty. Teach them to clean themselves after doing the toilet as soon as possible.

keep body clean
Make it a habit to bathe your children every day. During bath, tell them why it is important to keep the body clean. Teach them the cleaning of their feet, hair, personal parts etc.

nail cleaning
Keep trimming children’s nails from time to time and make them a habit of keeping nails short. While playing with this, dirt or bacteria will not settle in their nails. Make them a habit of biting their nails every week.

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food cleaning
Make it a habit for children to wash or eat fruits and vegetables. Teach them that if they eat fruits, they must be cleaned first. Also teach which things should be washed and which should not. For example, wash and eat sev but not banana.

wear clean clothes
Make it a habit for children to wear clean washed clothes. Many children keep wearing their favorite dress again and again and do not wash them. rectify this habit.

sleeping hygiene
Make a habit of sleeping by wearing clean clothes after washing feet, hands, face properly or taking bath before sleeping. Make them a habit of sleeping on a clean bed too. With increasing age, teach them to clean their beds as well.

sneezing hygiene
Teach children that it is necessary to cover their mouth with handkerchief, tissue paper when sneezing.

keeping house clean
They also need to inculcate the habit of cleaning their house and keeping the house clean and tidy. For example, dusting, keeping your desk clean, keeping shoes organized, keeping books or toys in the right place etc.

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