These 2 green leaves are very enchanting, eating empty stomach will control blood sugar, will also increase the level of insulin.


In Ayurveda, the leaves of many plants are considered to be a treasure of medicinal properties for health.
Consuming evergreen and hibiscus leaves on an empty stomach in the morning reduces the sugar level.

Leaves beneficial for health: In Ayurveda, the leaves of many plants have been considered extremely beneficial for health. These leaves are considered a treasure of medicinal properties. They have the ability to eliminate many serious problems. Evergreen and hibiscus leaves have the same ability. The more beautiful their flowers are, the more virtuous their leaves are. The leaves of both these plants have been used for a long time. Eating these leaves on an empty stomach in the morning reduces the sugar level, along with it, the craving for sweets starts decreasing rapidly. These leaves are also capable of removing toxins from the body. Let’s go to BHU Ayurvedacharya Dr. Ajay Yadav Let us know other benefits of evergreen and hibiscus leaves.

3 benefits of evergreen leaves

1. Beneficial for Diabetes: Evergreen leaves are considered very enchanting for diabetes. The alkaloid element found in these leaves increases insulin production in the body. Due to this, there is sugar level control. To get rid of this problem, extract of evergreen leaves should be taken. However, doctor’s advice is necessary before its use.

2. Beneficial for blood pressure: Evergreen leaves are beneficial to control blood pressure. The role of evergreen leaves is considered important in dealing with such problems. For this, you can use the root along with the leaves with the advice of the doctor.

3. Kill cancer cells: Evergreen leaves are also considered beneficial for cancer. These leaves have better ability to fight cancer, which kills cancer cells. Vincristine and Vinblastine alkaloids found in these leaves work to destroy cancer cells.

benefits of hibiscus leaves

1. Effective in curing sugar from dengue-malaria: The cure for diseases ranging from dengue-malaria to sugar is hidden in the leaves of Gudmar. Eating these leaves does not feel the sweetness of jaggery or sugar. Consumption of Gudmar works as an insulin sensitizer. This plant has the properties of reducing the glucose level and it also reduces the risk of hypoglycemia.

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2. Beneficial in curing stomach related problems: Consumption of hibiscus leaves is considered beneficial in many diseases. With the advice of experts, consumption of these leaves ends the problems related to the stomach. On the other hand, if someone has a complaint of jaundice, then these leaves can be used. Apart from this, its consumption is also beneficial in asthma, constipation or any microbial infection etc.

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3. Beneficial in reducing cholesterol: The antioxidant properties found in Gadmar plant prevent cholesterol from increasing in the body. Also, this plant contains gymnemic acid which inhibits a protein called angiotensin present in the body. Apart from this, the anti-bacterial property present in it is also beneficial for the skin.

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