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These 5 bad habits like biting nails with teeth can harm health


Some bad everyday habits can badly affect the health.
If you chew your nails with your teeth, you can become a victim of infection.
Waking up all night can make you a victim of diabetes and high BP.

Bad Habits Which may Affect your Health : In everyday life, we unknowingly make many such mistakes, which can badly affect the health and can cause serious diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, poor digestion. If you are also a victim of bad habits like biting your nails and staying awake all night, then it is very important to know the dangerous consequences of it. That is why today we have brought for you some bad habits which can affect your health. Let’s know.

5 bad habits can badly affect health:
Biting nails with mouth
According to WebMD.com, many people have a bad habit of chewing nails with their mouth, which can damage your teeth as well as the nails and the skin around it. According to health experts, there are many types of bacteria and germs on the nails, due to which you can become a victim of many serious infections.

waking up all night
Nowadays most people stay awake all night due to party or less, but according to doctors, due to not getting enough sleep, you can be a victim of diabetes, high BP and many heart related diseases. To avoid such diseases, getting enough sleep of 6 to 7 hours is very important.

drinking alcohol –
We all know that drinking too much alcohol is injurious to health. According to health experts, if you consume alcohol every day, then the risk of kidney and heart related diseases increases. Drinking too much alcohol can lead to weakening of bones and many problems can be faced due to poor digestion.

Not eating food properly
Many people often run for food due to the rush of work, but do you know, this bad habit can make you a victim of obesity and stomach related problems. Therefore, chew the food comfortably and eat it.

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Using headphones for a long time
Nowadays, in the age of social media, everyone is using headphones for a long time, which is very harmful not only for your ears but also for the brain. Hearing loud noises for a long time damages the brain tissue and can make you deaf.

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