These 5 exercises provide relief from period pain, very beneficial for health

Best Exercise During Periods: Every month during periods, most of the women face unbearable pain, cramps, digestive problems and many other problems. To get relief from this, health experts recommend staying hydrated ie consuming sufficient amount of water and eating iron-rich food, but do you know that many exercises are beneficial to get rid of period pain naturally. That’s why today we have brought some very easy exercises for you, whose regular practice can provide a lot of relief in period cramps and you can feel relaxed. Let’s know

These 5 exercises are very beneficial

Walk- According to, walking can be a great option to get relief from cramps or pain during periods and to feel active. Walking is very beneficial for health as well as providing relief in period pain.

swimming- Swimming is a great exercise, which strengthens the muscles and gets rid of cramps that occur before or during periods. Regular water aerobics or muscle-related exercises are very beneficial for women.

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stretching- Stretching can be considered the best option to get relief from pain during periods. During this, the muscles relax by stretching in the exercise.
and relieves pain. During periods, you can do exercises like Cobra Pose and Cat Pose.

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Pilates – Pilates is helpful in strengthening the body core as well as in relieving pain during periods. Pilates strengthens the muscles and improves blood circulation in the body.

Total – Women must do regular yoga to get relief from period pain or to stay healthy and fit. Meditation and subtle exercises are very beneficial to get relief from period cramps. You feel active by doing yoga during periods.

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