These 5 foods increase gas and ulcers in the stomach, work like poison, obesity also starts


Comes in carbonated drinks like soda, cold drinks etc. Such beverages increase the problem of gas in the stomach.
Consuming more fatty food increases the risk of stomach bloating and ulcers.

Food that Cause Stomach Ulcer: Wounds or ulcers in the stomach or intestines are due to many reasons. But in most of the cases, a dangerous bacteria H. pylori is responsible for this which infects the intestinal wall and starts scratching it. This causes wounds in the intestines. If it is not treated on time, it can lead to fatal consequences. However, there are some foods that increase the risk of stomach ulcers. That’s why doctors advise to stay away from such food.
The bacteria present in the stomach start fermenting these food rapidly due to which its number increases.

In this process, more gases like carbon dioxide, methane, monoxide etc. are produced. Initially, these gases cause pain in the stomach. But when this type of food is consumed continuously and there is no treatment, stomach ulcers start forming.

Foods that increase stomach problems

1. Fatty Food-According to the news of WebMD, consumption of fatty food, which has a high amount of fat, increases the risk of bloating and ulcers in the stomach. It is very difficult to digest such food. Due to this, abdominal pain and bloating starts. If someone already has an ulcer, then such food is no less than a poison. Such foods also increase the weight.

2. Spicy Food-Too much fried things are an enemy for the stomach. Although people whose digestion is strong, they do not have any problem with spicy food, but some people start burning in the stomach, gas and bloating as soon as they eat spicy food. If such food is consumed continuously, stomach ulcer can also occur. Such food increases fat in the body.

3. CauliflowerAccording to the news of Healthline, cauliflower is a very beneficial vegetable. Many types of antioxidants are found in it, which helps in fighting many diseases. But in some people, cauliflower increases gas and bloating. Cauliflower makes alpha-galactoside compound by going into the intestine due to which gas is produced.

4. BeansLegume vegetable beans are very nutritious. But a lot of carbohydrates and fiber are found in beans. Apart from this, many vitamins and minerals are also found. A sugar called alpha-galactoside is found in most beans. This sugar helps in fermentation of bacteria in the intestine. A lot of gas is produced as its byproduct, which causes the problem of bloating.

5. OnionOf course, no vegetable can be made without onions, but some people’s intestines cannot tolerate onions. Fructose is found in onions. It is a type of fiber that can produce gas. This is the reason why some people start having problems of gas and bloating after eating onions.

6. Carbonated Drinks-Comes in carbonated drinks like soda, cold drinks etc. Such beverages increase the problem of gas in the stomach, due to which bloating occurs in the stomach. Carbonated drinks contain a lot of carbon dioxide, which itself is a gas. If a large amount of drink enters the stomach, it becomes the cause of gas.

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