These 5 habits are fatal for bone health, even children getting caught, improve their diet


Due to lack of awareness, weakening of bones at an early age is a matter of concern.
Eating more salt than needed is harmful for health.

Bone health: It is common for bones to become weak with increasing age. But having such a problem at an early age is a matter of concern. One of the major reasons for this is wrong eating habits. This is the reason that nowadays from young age to children are coming under the grip of this disease. Let us tell you that, due to lack of information, most people ignore many such habits, which are very important to be aware of. These are such habits, ignoring which can have a fatal effect on your bone health. If these habits are not controlled on time, there can be a serious problem like arthritis. Let us know about the habits that harm bone health.

5 habits that harm bone health

1. Eating more salt: Eating more salt than needed is harmful for health. By consuming it more, calcium starts decreasing. Due to the lack of calcium in the body, the bones gradually become weak. For this, one should avoid chips, junk foods etc.

2. High intake of protein: People consume more protein in order to keep themselves more healthy, but it is wrong to do so. Let us tell you that consuming protein in the right amount is good, but its excess can harm the health of bones.

3. Sitting for long hours: Sitting for a long time is harmful for health. If you also like to sit for a long time then you need to be careful. By doing this, a rapid decline in your bone mass is possible. For this, you can keep your bones strong by keeping yourself physically active.

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4. Smoking: Smoking is harmful for any kind of health. This directly affects your bones negatively. At the same time, it increases the chances of fractures in the bones. Apart from this, smoking also increases the chances of other diseases related to bones.

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5. Underweight is also dangerous: We all know that obesity is a big problem, but being underweight is also harmful. Being underweight makes our bones weak. At the same time, the condition of being underweight increases the chances of osteoporosis.

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