These 5 lipstick shades must be in the bride’s makeup kit, will look bright in every occasion, will add to the beauty

Lipstick Shades For Bride Makeup Kit: After the new marriage, everyone’s eyes are on the new bride. The way the bride’s look is the subject of everyone’s discussion in the wedding function, even after a few months of marriage, people notice everything about the new bride. In such a situation, it is better for the bride to keep those things in her makeup kit at the time of marriage, which will always add beauty to her beauty. In such a situation, when you are making your dress collection at the time of wedding preparations, then only keep those lipstick shades in the makeup kit, which will work to enhance your beauty on every occasion. Here we tell you which lipstick shade is very important to have in the new bride’s makeup kit.

New bride must have these 5 lipstick shades

classic red
Red shade lipstick is considered most important in the makeup of the new bride. It is an evergreen color that looks great with western as well as traditional attires. You can include it in shades like creamy, matte, frost finish and shimmer. It would be better if you keep classic cherry or ruby ​​red shades in your collection.

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purple shade
If you want to keep your look fresh, then sometimes you can also use purple shade. It is an experimental shade that goes well with western and indo western dresses. You can choose dark mulberry shade, magenta purple, smokey violet shade etc. and make your look glamorous.

pink shade
Pink shade is the most classic and popular lipstick shade which can be perfect for every dress and occasion. You can choose this for your engagement, wedding or cocktail party. Not only this, you can also use it in the get-to-gather function held at the place of family and friends. Choose shades like fuchsia, rose pink, baby pink or hot pink according to your skin tone.

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nude shade
A nude lipstick shade for daily wear is a must have for every bride. You can choose a nude lipstick with matte, glossy or shimmery finish. Let us tell you that dusty pink shade looks best on light skin tone and brown or caramel shade on dark skin tone.

brown shade
For an elegant look, you should also keep brown shade lipstick with you. If your skin tone is light then red-brown or mauvish-brown shade will suit you very well. But if you have a dark skin tone, then use a shade of coffee or tan shade. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general beliefs. Hindi news18 does not confirm them. Before implementing these, contact the concerned expert.)

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