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These 6 herbs will give great relief in the problem of diabetes, start consuming to reduce the level of sugar – 6 powerful herbs for diabetes and control sugar level in Hindi – News18 Hindi


Nowadays people of all ages are becoming victims of diabetes.
Diet can control blood sugar in diabetes
Some Ayurvedic Herbs Can Control Blood Sugar

Herbs For Diabetes: Diabetes is a disease related to unbalanced lifestyle, stress and obesity, in which controlling blood sugar is most important. As such, there are two types of diabetes type one and two. But, in today’s era, most of the cases of diabetes are coming up due to food. In such a situation, the patient has to pay special attention to food so that his blood sugar remains under control. There are many side effects on the body by taking many types of medicines and in such a situation doctors also advise that blood sugar can be brought under control naturally and with Ayurvedic herbs.

These Ayurvedic herbs help in controlling diabetes and work to prevent blood sugar from rising. They grow naturally, so the chances of side effects are also less due to their use. Let us know about some such herbs by using which blood sugar can be kept under control.

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fenugreek seeds
medical news today According to experts, fenugreek is bitter in taste but it can help in controlling blood sugar. It is advised that fenugreek should be consumed on an empty stomach, which will help in reducing the already elevated blood sugar levels. Actually fenugreek helps in digesting glucose and reduces bad cholesterol. You can drink fenugreek seeds by boiling them in water and can also use it in making vegetables.

Cinnamon can prove to be very effective herb for diabetes patients. Actually, such bioactive components are present in it which can help in reducing the label of blood sugar. Regular consumption of cinnamon is effective in digesting excess sugar in the body and bringing it under control by normalizing insulin resistance. If you want, you can consume cinnamon by sprinkling it on green tea, porridge or salad.

Gudmar is usually not found in the kitchen, but you will find its root powder at the Ayurvedic medicine shop. The scientific name of Gudmar is Gymnema sylvestre. Gudmar is specially used as an anti-diabetic medicine as it helps in the absorption of glucose in the body and also works to prevent the side effects of diabetes in the body. It is used in making many Ayurvedic medicines made for diabetes. You can take its powder with warm water twice a day.

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Black pepper
Black pepper kept in your kitchen may be pungent in taste but it can be said to be an enemy of diabetes. Actually, black pepper has the properties of reducing blood sugar level. An element called ‘piperine’ is present in black pepper, which proves effective in maintaining normal blood sugar levels. You can use black pepper in salad, tea or vegetable.

Curry leaf
To improve the taste of vegetables, curry leaves will also be available in the kitchen of the houses and its plants will also be seen in the houses. Its use helps in controlling high blood sugar. Actually, the minerals present in curry leaves help in maintaining the glucose level in the body. The use of curry leaves promotes the activities of insulin in the body. You can chew curry leaves on an empty stomach in the morning and you can also put curry leaves in tea.

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